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    ○time Emmy ■Awards ceremony was● held at the M〓icrosoft Theater in● downtown Los Angele〓s and airin●g on NBC. ◆It's an American awa〓rd bestowed by th●e Academy of Televi◆sion Arts and Scie〓nces (ATAS) in re●cogn

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    to fo■llow us on W●echatChina women's● volleyball c○laims gold at J〓akarta Asian Ga〓mesChina w〓omen's volleyball ●claims gold a●t Jakarta As○ian GamesChina wom◆en's volle◆yball clai●ms gold at Jak〓arta Asian Ga

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    nal of ●women's volleyba○ll here on Sa●turday.Once ●again, the Chinese◆ women's national v●olleyball tea〓m beat its opponent●s in straigh●t sets at the Jakar●ta Asian Games here◆, winning an As●iad gold af○ter a

    n interval 〓of eight years.■But the match on〓 Saturday was ●by no means an uneve


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e●resting and grounde◆d women. A●nd it's about a〓 woman who ◆reinvents hers〓elf when her d●ream fel

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○ntful one, wi○th China's opponent●s Thailand famous ●for their re●silience an○d beating China's ●arch rivals South 〓Korea 3

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-1 in the s■emifinal.It w■as Thailand that ○got off to a good st●art and led 8-6 ◆by the first t●echnical timeout in ○the fir

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st se●t. But China ●managed to level t●he score 9-9 with a ○block by Yan Ni, and◆ turned the ●tide 14-12 with fo◆ur straight

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points■.After that,◆ China kept the○ lead and won th●e set 25-19. ○The second and t●hird sets turned out● smoother, as Chi●n

ter she ac○hieved e

a, led by Zhu ■Ting and with st◆rong spikes an■d solid bloc○king, took dominance○ for most of the ti◆me and won 25-1○7, 25-

13.It was〓 also the eig●hth gold medal f◆or the Chinese w

t ◆she wanted. An

●omen's volleyball at○ the Asian Game●s.For China coa●ch Lang Ping, ◆the gold medal has● a special signifi◆cance, as this y

●ear marks the 4●0th anniversar◆y of her first ap●pearan

joy at its core〓."Her

ce as ○a volleyball pla■yer at the A■sian Games ■in Bangkok◆ in 1978. L●ang won a silver al■ong with her team ○at the Bang

kok A■siad."We pr●epared very well a●nd played patientl○

tein, who pl■ay

y today," La◆ng said after the ●match on Saturday,● adding that s○he felt winning the○ gold medal w◆as like a gi■ft from he

r t■eam to her for ◆the anniver●sary.It was al〓so the fi

ker have their ●own characterist〓ics and are worth ●learning from,●" she

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